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NyanSliders for iOS

NyanSliders is a mobilesubstrate tweak i released some time ago, that replaces all your boring sliders with fancy animated Nyan cat sliders leaving rainbow trails !

Works on common UISliders as well as MPVolumeSliders and MPDetailSliders.
You can enable/disable animation and rainbow trail via

The current version is 0.0.1-7 (update that enables nyan cat animation while sliding).

You can get it here  and install it manually or find it at BigBoss Cydia repo.

Also here is a poster i created for the lulz :P

             NyanSliders Poster

Hope you enjoy !

Oh hi there !

Hello all, I have finally decided to chose tumblr for my blog =) Dunno if it was the best decision, but since i went through all this f**cked up CSS and jQuery stuff to make a layout that matches my taste, I think i will stick to it…

I hope that i will post here some interesting stuff, like postmodern programming concepts, tutorials about undocumented/esoteric stuff about iOS and generally stuff that i couldn’t find elsewhere and might be helpful for others ;)

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